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About Us

The Past and Future of Golden Springs Elementary School


The year was 1963.  Doctor Martin Luther King made his powerful “I have a dream” speech, the Beatles seized the Billboard charts with their first hit, “I Want To Hold Your Hand,” and President Kennedy challenged his countrymen to chart a “New Frontier” of space exploration and social programs.  In Diamond Bar, Golden Springs made its debut, filled with the promise that accompanied its spot as the city’s first elementary school.

Though named for the graceful, hill-lined street that abuts its campus, Golden Springs has also come to serve as a metaphor for the sparkling succession of students who have used their time at our school to serve as a (golden) springboard from which they could catapult themselves into the rest of their lives … well prepared to serve as model students, professionals and citizens.


In an era of reduced expectations  – It is comforting to see the steady, year-after-year performance of our students, as measured by the California STAR Academic Performance Index, our API score.  Since 2000, Golden Springs has been rated in the top one percent of all schools, statewide, with an average API of 907 since 2006, we’ve earned scores of 900, 903, 908 and 913.


The strength of Golden Springs’ academic programs is well documented but goes beyond its status as an “academic performance powerhouse”, Golden Springs prides its self on educating the whole child in an ecstatically pleasing, family oriented, neutering learning environment providing our students a world class education for the World of tomorrow.  


As Golden Springs prepares for the 2019-20 academic year, we will continue to emphasize many of the pillars that helped our school arrive at its current high standing:

  • State-of-the-art technology, equipment and software strategically deployed across all ten grade levels, both in the classroom, on campus via our gleaming multimedia center.
  • Augmenting core academic programs with offerings such as art appreciation, public speaking and physical education designed to help produce well-rounded students. 
  • An unrivaled partnership between our PTO, teachers and staff and local businesses that allows us to give our children an unforgettable array of educational assemblies and field trips.
  • Robust reading and writing curriculum that flows from the statistically-proven fact that children who love to read … will excel in all academic areas.

Since our inception, the unmatched commitment of our families has been the foundation that underpins our school’s proud heritage and consistent record of success.  With your help and support, we intend to recast the challenge of our schools transition into increased opportunity for all children.  We will get there by continually perfecting the solution to this one question: How can we best build upon our reputation for producing a high-caliber of students-citizens who are equally well prepared to compete in the classrooms and workplaces of tomorrow?