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Distance Learning

Hello Golden Springs Students and Parents/Families,
During this unprecedented time of COVID-19 and school closures, all school counselors are still providing services to our students and dedicated to their Academic, College/Career, and Social/Emotional development. Below are the services still being provided virtually: 

Tier 1 Services: 

Every week in Ms. Salmo's Google Classroom "Counseling Corner for Golden Springs", students will find a new lesson and activity to complete. Resources are also posted on Ms. Salmo's Google Classroom for reference. Tier I services is available to ALL Golden Springs Elementary students! Students will find a Google Form to fill out if they'd like to Check-In and if they would like to speak to Ms. Salmo via E-mail, Zoom or a Phone Call. Ms. Salmo will determine if student would be a fit for Individual Counseling (Tier 2/3 Services). 

Access & Communication
In order to ensure that all students/parents are able to access my services I will be posting information and resources through: 
  • Mass Emails
  • Google Classroom
  • School Websiteall my love and support
  • Zoom Meetings 
  • Phone Calls
  • Email Contact

    Lunch Bunch Socials on Zoom: We are the Lunch Bunch Kids!
    Coming Soon!

Tier 2 Services:

Students who were already receiving Individual Counseling with Ms. Salmo, are continuing to meet with Ms. Salmo on Zoom or Phone Call. If you would like to contact Ms. Salmo for services or to schedule an appointment, please fill out the Parent Contact Form:

Online Social-Emotional Support
I will continue to provide all our students with social-emotional support by:
  • Checking in on students through phone-calls, zoom meetings, and/or emails.
  • Allowing students to request a call or meeting with me.
  • Providing online instruction on coping skills during this time.
  • Setting up group zoom hangouts to support students social-emotionally.
  • Referring students to appropriate/necessary mental health/family support services.

Tier 3 Services:

Students who are receiving specific, targeted, and individualized intervention are receiving the same services in Tier 2 with as needed additional support from our PUSD School Mental Health Department and Family Support Services.