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Vision and Mission

Vision Statement
At Golden Springs Elementary School, our vision is for our school to be an asset to the community where our staff, parents and students collectively make education their highest priority as we support PUSD's Core Values of Respect, Responsibility, Relationships and Results.  We envision our school as a professional learning community in which we encourage and promote a positive, motivating environment to ensure that ALL students achieve academic success.
Mission Statement
The mission of Golden Springs Elementary School is to provide an exceptionally high quality, instructionally balanced, standards based program.  Our program takes place in an aesthetically pleasing environment and is delivered by dedicated, highly skilled, self-motivated, caring, competent professionals.  We will make optimum use of district, state, and community resources to support all facets of our school's instructional program.  It is our intent that the rigorous state content standards, the high expectations of our school community, and the superior quality of our instructional staff complement each other in an effort to drive student achievement upwards.  It is the expectation of our school community that the teaching of values be an integral part of the Golden Springs' instructional program to ensure that all children are also provided an opportunity to gain the skills to make appropriate and wise decisions.  This mission permeates every facet of our school community so that we provide an instructional model that best equips every Golden Springs student with the skills necessary to be life-long learners.